riorganizzazione finanziariaFINANCIAL REORGANIZATION AREA

Consultancy and assistance for the research of new credit lines, for the analysis of the financial structure of the customer and of its needs.
Consultancy for a correct approach with the banks and for the achievement of different kinds of warranties for the requested bank credits.

area societaria finanza straordianriaAREA CORPORATE AND CORPORATE FINANCE

Company consulting, consultancy in setting up any kind of company, acquisition and sale of companies and investments, joint ventures, transformations, mergers, divisions, transfers, spin-offs and liquidations.

contenzioso tributarioAREA LITIGATION

Assistance in tax audit, assistance and advice for facilitated tax definition with the tax authorities, assistance and advice in the case of tax litigation in all level of judgment.

area fiscale internazionaleINTERNATIONAL TAX AND BUSINESS AREA

This area has been carried out for over 15 years now, with a fixed based in London.
Through a network of correspondents, the firm is also present in all major industrialized countries and in the most significant ones for proper international tax planning.
We have realized corporate configuration for multinationals, guaranteeing tax optimizations compatible with the Italian tax system.
Clients planning to open offices abroad or who want to make use of foreign suppliers are assisted in every step.
We offer step-by-step support to clients that want to open offices abroad or to partner with international suppliers.
This area is organized in collaboration with the company Laggan & Associates Ltd, located in London, Lugano, Costa Rica, who can provide all the services of administration and accounting, as well as domiciliation of international corporate structures.


Support in planning economic and financial position and in the preparation of business plans.
Assessment of complex business and shares.
Advice and assistance in strategic planning, reorganization and development of management and control systems in the field of corporate finance.
Assistance and advice in the area of distribution and sales strategies.
This activity is carried out in collaboration with the professional association Giacomazzi & Partners.

consulenza preconcorsualeAREA PRE-INSOLVENCY

Pre-insolvency advice and assistance to companies in crisis, analysis of the crisis situation, development of rehabilitation programs for business, reorganization of debts.

consulenza fiduciariaAREA TRUSTEE

Fiduciary services for shares and securities in the name and on behalf of others, all with the utmost discretion and professionalism.

consulenza fiscale nazionaleAREA NATIONAL TAX

National tax planning for businesses.
Tax due diligence, advice and assistance in tax compliance, in relations with authorities competent in direct and indirect national tax, in the interests of companies and individuals.